Construction Management

Construction Managementimg

Working in Construction Management formula allows for full control scope of works, thanks to a clear dividing them between specialized contractors, to obtain market prices for various construction works and, most importantly, freedom of action and decision making work in progress.
Construction Management

Project Management

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Project Management is the process of border management science and art, which consist in defining a goal and reached through simultaneous execution planning work leading to this objective. Mobilizing resources and directing the necessary personnel, control of the progress and completion of all work to achieve the target on time and within certain measures…”
Milton Rosenau
Project Management

Technical Supervision


Investor Technical Supervision in the time of executing building works. It starts from the time of application for the beginning of the works until final reception of the investment by the Client. This kind of service gives Client the possibilities to verify the quality of executed works by the Contarctor, as well as advancement and the speed of works.
Technical Supervision

Tenant Coordination


We have Project Managers Team who lead the process of tenant coordination in all its phases starting from design to commencement. Tenant coordination is minimizing costs while maintaining the required quality and timeliness of work arrangement, satisfaction recipient surface recipient surface, minimizing changes in the course of the project, as well as carrying out in accordance with current regulations.
Tenant Coordination


Certification – Confirmation of the sustainability of the buildingimg

Increasingly important and emphasized is the impact of the building and its whole life cycle on the environment. LEED or BREEAM certificates effectively enforce the use of efficient and environmentally solutions. Our team will help you answer the questions: What certified facility different from the built in modern technology, but not been certified? What requirements should meet my object to be certified? Which level is the best? Is certification will slow down investment process? Who should care of it, and at what stage of the project.
Certification LEEDCertification BREEAM

About us

PM Services Poland Sp. z o. o. is a company providing multi-brand consulting services in the construction sector. Our motto „We do care for your projects” indicates full engagement in projects, which allows us to be trustworthy and reliable partner for our Clients.
We are and independent, impartial advisor. Our team consists of experienced engineers in many branches including: construction, electrical, sanitary and roads. Considerable attention is paid to the quality, safety, timeliness and also on issues of sustainable construction. Many years of experience and knowledge allow us to find the right technical and legal solutions for the obstacles emerging in the investment process.

Our realizations

We want to present our sample realizations below:

BIN, Apartment buildings in Międzyzdroje

Restoration of the Building in Szczecin, Project Management

North West Logistic Park in Szczecin

Tenant coordination, Sporting goods store in Szczecin

Shopping Center in Szczecin, Technical Supervision

Reconstruction of the Old Military Laundry building in Szczecin

Tenant coordination – Al. Wojska Polskiego in Szczecin